April 11, 2016
March 6, 2017
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Sentio Logo/Branding

Sentio Brand: The Sentio Brand has the goal to become a globally inspiring brand. It is a brand that has made it possible to step out of one’s context and experience the world from a different perspective and a different lens. It is a brand that is about making the unimagined imaginable. It does this through drawing from different cultures and worldviews to create a common ground and understanding. The brand has been created through solid values, a strong sense of history, embracing different cultures and all the wonderful people that have been part of the AFS mother brand over the years. The Sentio brand has a passionate soul, aimed at empowering youth and communicating meaningful messages of global competence for a more just and peaceful world. The colours that make up the brand logo are indicative of the Art and Soul of Sentio. It is designed to help create great partnerships that will intrigue and inspire.

Creative Solution: The logogram is made up of geographic position markers representing the North, South, East and West of the compass which aligns with the inclusion of multi-cultures, gender, race, etc. The usage of the geographic position marker indicates that ‘Sentio’ is a global brand. The use of multi-colours represents different cultures and backgrounds around the globe. Colour also represents different senses, thoughts and ideas.




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