Sechaba "Infadizle" Kgalala is an award winning graphic artist and a co-founder of a multi award winning Hip Hop group, Skwatta Kamp... (Yawn) I am a "graphic designer" because I studied Graphic Design but I'm actually an engineer. At least that's what I wanted to study. Chemical engineering to be precise. I'm a mathematician and scientist, a good one...well I'm top Science and Mathematics student of the class of 1999 so I am at heart. So why didn't I study Chemical Engineering? It was too obvious that I was going to be a great one so that was no challenge for me. Okay, truth is my parents couldn't afford it and my bursary wasn't that much so because I could draw (not so well), I heard my art teacher speak of Graphic Design... Dear lord how I wish I wasn't in class that afternoon... Fast forward to X many years later, I find myself here. Unaffordable because I stepped out of the "Graphic Design" box. I once designed a "robot" so that made me a what? Industrial Designer? Then I started to make my graphics move, so I became a motion design artist. I was in a famous rap group, so I'm a music composer, producer, writer and performer. I also am a copy writer, art director so I make TV adverts. I also sometimes shoot people. No I mean I can use the camera very well, that makes me a photographer and a videographer. Oh then I edit my own photos and videos so I edit as well. I design sound. Ok until I include everything I do... I'll just tell you that I'm a Creator. Yes! That's the title that suits me best. Oh oh, I illustrate as well. I paint on canvases and I also paint walls. Web design, 3D modelling... Let's just say... I Create®